Think Out Loud Apparel This Isn't Sweat It's Liquid Awesome Funny Fitness Tank Top

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Think Out Loud Apparel
Inviting you to think out loud since 2007

Think Out Loud and Wear it proud

Our Racer Back TankTops are 60% ringspun cotton - 40% polyester

How do I care for my t-shirt?

To protect the life of the image, we recommend washing the garment inside out, using cold water, and tumble dry on low setting or line dry. ​ Avoid Bleach!

People keep staring at my shirt, what should I do?

This is completely normal, and our most frequently asked question.
DO NOT PANIC! Be kind, give a smile and ask them to take a picture, it’ll last longer... (also, tell them about Think Out Loud Apparel!)